Tsirikos Constructions

The technical and manufacturing company Tsirikos Constructions is engaged in the construction business since 1982.

It specializes in the construction of flats, maisonettes, commercial buildings and special structures.

Already counting the assets of more than 200,000 sq. km. building measures in South suburb of Athens.
The vast experience and orientation of Tsirikos Constructions to complete customer satisfaction, guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products.

This is achieved by adherence to all regulations of building codes designated by the Greek state, the optimal choice of partners, the exhaustive testing of materials and the detailed attention paid to every phase of construction of numerous experienced and specialized teams.

Guarantee certificates for all materials are at the disposal of our client. Our care for the client begins to design and organize the financing and reaches the five-year guarantee of property, with continuous technical support from specialized technicians.

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website: www.tsirikos.gr
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: 210 9652475
Address: 5-7 Ag. Trifonos & Goynari Str., Ano Glyfada, Attica Grecce


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