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KTIRIO provides all the means for a an overall promotion and communication for the companies that are active in the construction field as well as modern technical update for its readers.

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Information concerning advertising formats and the types of advertising are available here: MEDIA DATA

The magazine’s monthly circulation is approximately 5.000 copies. It has 3.700 annual subscribers and it is distributed in central bookstores and newsstands all over Greece, covering the need for technical update to architectural & technical offices, construction companies, technical services and  in the construction sector.
KTIRIO is primarily selected by specialists and experts such us:

• Architects
• Civil engineers
• Electrical engineers
• Interior designers, students and individuals building their own property

Via our website you will find a rich collection of the most important Greek buildings and a database on construction materials, technical guidance and technology articles.
Our website’s number of visitors is worthy of note. According to the latest data, (source: Google Analytics) every month an average of 35.000 unique users visit 114.958 pages of KTIRIO’S website. The average time spent on our website per visitor is an impressive 2’:39’’, a value that confirms how helpful, important and interesting the website’s content is (source: Google Analytics).

Every month our newsletters are sent to 13.900 civil engineers, architects, construction companies, mechanical engineers, interior designers etc. all over Greece.

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