Company Profile

KTIRIO is the first building design and technology magazine that was ever published in Greece. It is a monthly, national publication, which has been active since 1986. KTIRIO has its headquarters in Thessaloniki and as well an office in Athens. Exclusively trained architects and engineers constitute the magazine’s editorial team. Throughout its running years, it has managed to become one of the most widely known communication means for the promotion of new technologies and new materials.

KTIRIO through its valid, well-documented and technically oriented contents has become an indispensable tool for the construction professionals. The magazine is widely recognized and its success is evident by the fact that it is the periodical with the highest circulation among professionals of the construction field.

KTIRIO publishes technical articles, new products and new buildings and presents every subject related to constructions in Greece, focusing on innovative technologies that apply in constructions in all developed countries. Due to the scientific, proficient, technical structure of the magazine, KTIRIO gained the trust of architects, civil engineers and contractors in Greece and won the first place in circulation and readership among competition.


Circulation & readership breakdown 
The magazine’s monthly circulation is approximately 5.000 copies. It has 3.500 annual subscribers and it is distributed in central bookstores and newsstands. Thus, KTIRIO informs and communicates ideas to numerous architectural practices, construction companies and developers throughout Greece. 
Its readership breakdown regards almost solely the construction section professionals such as:
Our website's number of visitors is worthy of note. According to the latest data, the 2.124.000 pages of KTIRIO'S website were visited by 166.000 visitors (13.800 unique visitors). The average time spent on our website per visitor is an impressive 3':12'. (Source: Google Analytics, 2016)
As it is demonstrated by the above data, our frequently updated website has proven to be an extremely useful tool among its users. It offers a rich database on construction materials and companies, technical guidance, and building design and technology articles. Moreover it functions as a showcase for the work of prominent Greek architects by presenting examples of their work. The contents of our website are currently available only in Greek. 
Therefore, KTIRIO offers all the means for effectively communicating building design and technology ideas and issues as well as to successfully promote the companies of the construction field.

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