With headquarters in Greece and a significant international presence, the Intrakat Group is a leading player in the country’s construction sector engaged in infrastructure development, commercial and industrial construction and steel structure manufacturing, as well as telecommunications, renewable energy, environmental management and real estate development projects for the public and private sectors.
A key member of Intracom Holdings, a leading Group of multinational high tech companies, Intrakat undertakes complex large-scale construction projects in Greece and abroad, leveraging a network of highly specialized subsidiaries in Greece, Romania, Poland, Cyprus, Albania and FYROM.
Having adopted an aggressive growth strategy based on advanced business models, Intrakat is focusing on EU financed construction projects and public-private partnerships. To sustain its successful track record, the Group plans to further expand into emerging sectors and lucrative markets, taking full advantage of new business opportunities in today’s highly demanding and rapidly evolving global arena.



email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: 210-6674700
Address: 19th km Paiania - Markopoulo Ave., 19002, Paiania, Attica


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