IKODOMI Technical S.A.

Τhe company IKODOMI Technical S.A. was founded in 1995 by architect Stefanos Skandalis, electrical engineer Ioannis Pesdemiotis and civil engineer Ioannis Tzananakis. The company is engaged in the design and construction of public and private projects.
In a short time, the company managed to establish itself as one of the most important and modern construction companies in its field. IKODOMI has also accomplished to be involved in very complex constructional projects using innovative construction techniques.

Despite the huge competition in construction during the last decades IKODOMI successfully expanded its activities to a wide range of significant constructional projects all over Crete.
The know-how, proffessionalism and modern approach to constructional challenges, the consistency and quality of our work are the principles of IKODOMI. These qualities have turned IKODOMI into one of the most reliable, reputable and recognized construction companies.

The dynamics and creativity of our team make it possible to undertake any kind of project and to extend the constructional horizon, ensuring a continuous improvement and expansion of IKODOMI.
IKODOMI has carried out a large number of significant jobs, which cover a wide range of of constructional and civil engineering projects.

In a successful and growing dynamic process, IKODOMI has put its stamp on all over Crete. The company is increasing continuously its experience and expertise by solving all kinds of constructional problems and by working on numerous and diverse projects, highlighting endless possibilities of the construction industry.
Our field of expertise cover:
• Hotels
• Reciprocity
• Offices and retail complexes
• Apartment buildings
• Contemporary residential areas
• Individual houses
• Real Estate
• Building complexes

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Website: http://www.ikodomi.com/portal/
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Τel.: 2831021491-3
Address: 5 Theodorou Tzedaki, 74100, Rethymnon, Crete


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