DORIKI TECHNIKI was founded in 1973 by Vassilis and Sophie Karantza. With the assumption of leadership by the second generation of Civil Engineers, it continues its dynamic presence until today. Dimitris Karantzas became a member of the company in 1999 while the company evolved into its current form with the partnership of Vassilis Tsoutras in 2010.

The company today successfully provides in the private sector services of Construction, Technical Consultant, Project Management, shaped according to the needs and specifications of each Project, in the construction sector such as building of high quality private homes inside and outside Attica, hotel facilities, office buildings or industrial spaces, renovation / reconstruction of shops and other professional spaces.

DORIKI TECHNIKI SA has sufficient and appropriate staff for the execution and organization of each project, in accordance with the commitments undertaken by submitting the respective economic and technical offer. Having created the appropriate organizational structure for the successful completion of the projects it undertakes, it employs executives and staff with high specialization and extensive experience, as a result of both their training and their long-term involvement with technical projects.

The primary goal of our company is the completion of any kind of construction project according to the budget, quality standards and project schedule, with respect for the environment and sustainable development.



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Tel.: 2103635211
Address: Massalias 20, 10680, Athens


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