ISV Architects is an architectural practice based in Athens and London, led by three senior partners: Babis Ioannou, Tasos Sotiropoulos and Alexander Van Gilder. Starting back in 1977, by undertaking complex building projects in Greece and abroad, ISV architects is widely known for its simple and restrained design language, transcribing a modern architectural vocabulary into the ever changing scene of the 21st century. ISV aspires to a portfolio of international projects ranging from large scale residential complexes, hotels and office buildings to small scale interior design projects.

ISV Architects has a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, with a profound and proven ability to deal with the core architectural issues from three complementary perspectives: architectural design, construction and development.

Today ISV Architects employs a 60 people-strong staff, including architects, construction managers, interior designers and CGI artists. Following the course set for four decades, ISV Architects continues to produce an architecture that beyond everything else pursuits the joy of life. La joie de vivre. HELMET removebg preview

Whitebox Architects is a group of young architects involved in the design of residential and commercial premises, renovations, but also large-scale projects, covering the entire range of architectural, design and manufacturing services, from the initial idea up to the final detailed construction and furniture design.

Created in Athens in 2002 by architects Panos Kokkalidis and Alice Triantafillidou, while in 2006 Anna Drella joined the group.

The approach to each project is unique. Key role throughout the process have the people who will interact with the space and the environment in which it will be implemented, as well as the economic framework, leading every time in original solutions characterized by a clean and contemporary approach.

The team faces each new challenge with enthusiasm to create highly crafted designs and to offer high quality services.

Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis was created in 2004 by AA Architect Dionisis Sotovikis, in Athens, Greece. Since then, it operates as an architectural firm, providing a multitude of services around architecture and construction, interior design, furniture design and visual arts. At the same time, the space functions as a workshop for creativity and development of new ideas in the aforementioned topics, as well as a meeting point, exhibition space and a host for any creative aspect of human activity. Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis has implemented a multitude of projects that vary in scale, type and texture, from hotels and large residential projects, to stores, furniture and reinvented architectural elements. Dionisis Sotovikis and his team are indulging in finding and showcasing, one piece at a time, all the constant points of human reference that remain unaltered and timeless, in order to construct a social vision that will redefine the ethos of modern architecture and it’s true intertemporal and borderless value. HELMET removebg preview   HELMET removebg preview

KLAB architecture (kinetic lab of architecture), was founded in 2001 by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos. It is an international group of highly qualified and motivated architects who seek opportunities to create unique and intriguing urban events. Being a multicultural team, KLAB architecture is able to deal with a diverse field of projects, from large planning schemes to the completion of detailed technical drawings for specialised solutions. Such practice is at the forefront of contemporary international architectural design.

KLAB architecture finds inspiration in the interconnection and juxtaposition of everyday things in life. It combines the ephemeral with the diachronic, the classic with the modern,
natural with artificial, large and small scales, conventional and experimental materials.The aspiration of KLAB architecture has always been: to create as artists and to implement as scientists. Freedom of inspiration, originality in design and strict project implementation are the principles that drive the office’s continuous development.

Everyday research is integral to high-quality innovative and functional design. Every client is unique and poses a new and interesting challenge for the office members, who engage in an active dialogue with the client at every stage of the building process. Every project is tailor-made to the requirements and aspirations of the client.

KLAB architecture aims to produce high-quality architecture that broadens the mind and expands the potential of the architectural practice through unique approaches.

Aristomenis Varoudakis
1947: Born in Chania, Crete
1973: University of Florida - Master of Arts in Architecture
1973-1975: in apprenticeship with “Antoniadis Associates”, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
1977-1981: in apprenticeship with Mavrakakis Studio, Chania
Since 1981: in partnership with his brother Giorgos
Since 1994: founding member of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture
Since 2007: Associate Professor of architectural design at the Technical University of Crete

George Varoudakis
1951: Born in Chania, Crete
1979: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Master of Arts in Architecture
Since 1981: in partnership with his brother Aristomenis
Since 2014: Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Chania Municipal Gallery

The architectural studio A & G Varoudakis Architects
Since 1981: the studio has been awarded in more than 10 architectural competitions.
Since 1985: 70 completed works and projects have been published in Greek and foreign architectural press.
1999: the ‘Design and Art in Greece’ magazine, dedicated its XII monograph to the work of A. & G. Varou-dakis studio. Another dedication is comprised in the 2007 issue.
1999: participation in the 1st large-scale exhibition “20th-century Architecture: Greece” at the Deutsches Arkitektur - Museum in Frankfurt.
December 2009 - January 2010: exhibition at the Benaki Museum of Athens.

MAKRIDIS ASSOCIATES (MAS) is a firm that provides comprehensive services in architecture, urban and interior design, planning, project management and construction. Experienced associates offer extensive services in all fields of practice. Constant collaboration with structural and electrical-mechanical engineering associates ensures optimum results. We provide comprehensive services in energy saving and sustainable building design, focusing primarily on climate analysis, the implementation of passive solar systems, the incorporation of renewable energy systems (RES), the adaption of ecological materials and ecological methods of construction.

We insist on design excellence, principal commitment, and outstanding services to clients. Our aim is to produce architecture that guarantees a comprehensive approach to the users needs, functional and technical requirements, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Quality, innovation, and sustainability are the principals of the firm, while use of cutting edge technology constantly upgrades the design services to our clients. Innovation is achieved through a creative response to the unique nature of each project, bringing together the client’s objectives with the influences of the particular site.

Our portfolio covers a vast range of projects from residential and hotel resort complexes, single-family homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, corporate and industrial units, mixed-use buildings, to buildings for education and culture. HELMET removebg preview

– Founding Partner at Kokkinou Kourkoulas, since 1987
– International Lectures (London, UK / Santiago, Chile / Istanbul, Turkey / Berlin, Germany / Palermo, Italy / Atlanta, USA / Barcelona, Spain etc)
– International Publications & Exhibitions (Cassa Bella / Architectural Record / Rotterdam, Holland / Venice Biennale, Italy / Frankfurt, Germany etc.)
– Postgraduate studies at the Advanced Architectural Studies Department at the Bartlett School of Architecture, U.C.L.
– Master of Science at U.C.L in London (1980 – 1981)
– NTUA Diploma in Architectural Engineering. Degree in Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (1979)

– Founding Partner at Kokkinou Kourkoulas, since 1987
– Full Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, NTUA Undergraduate – Postgraduate, since 1992
– Ph.D. at the Bartlett School of Architecture, U.C.L., in London. Subject: Linguistics in Architectural Theory and Criticism after Modernism (1986)
– International Lectures (London, UK / Santiago, Chile / Istanbul, Turkey / Berlin, Germany / Palermo, Italy / Atlanta, USA / Barcelona, Spain etc)
– International Publications & Exhibitions (Cassa Bella / Architectural Record / Rotterdam, Holland / Venice Biennale, Italy / Frankfurt, Germany etc.)
– International Guest Critic in Architectural Schools (AA / Bartlet / Mendrisio Academy of Architecture/ Istanbul Technical University / Georgia Tech etc)
– Postgraduate studies at the Architectural Association Graduate School in London (1980 – 1981)
– NTUA Diploma in Architectural Engineering. Degree in Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (1977)
– Employed at the Ο.Μ.Α. architectural practice in London (Zeggelis – Koolhas) (1981 – 1983)

Tassos Biris was born in Athens (27-06-1942).

He graduated from the Athens School of Architecture in 1966 and has been teaching in this Institution ever since, starting as a teaching assistant (1967), continuing as a Lecturer (1973), and finally serving as a Full Professor from 1995 to 2009. At present he is an an active Architect and an Emeritus Professor at the “National Technical University of Athens and the Athens School of Architecture”.

During the same 40 year span he has been (and still remains) a member of the “Tassos Biris and Demitris Biris Architectural Office”. From this position he has designed and built many projects, ranging from “Private Houses and Housing Units”, to “Public buildings” (Schools, Day care Units, Town-Halls, Administration Buildings, Museums, Athletic and Cultural Centers).

He has also participated (alone or as a member of different groups) in over 80 Architectural Competitions, winning more than 20 first prizes for private and public buildings. (For example, the second prize for the International Competition “The New Acropolis Archaeological Museum”, in Athens 1991).

Finally, he has participated in Conferences and Debates, and has written and published many articles and 6 Books about Architecture.

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