klab architecture Konstantinos Lamprinopoulos

KLAB architecture (kinetic lab of architecture), was founded in 2001 by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos. It is an international group of highly qualified and motivated architects who seek opportunities to create unique and intriguing urban events. Being a multicultural team, KLAB architecture is able to deal with a diverse field of projects, from large planning schemes to the completion of detailed technical drawings for specialised solutions. Such practice is at the forefront of contemporary international architectural design.

KLAB architecture finds inspiration in the interconnection and juxtaposition of everyday things in life. It combines the ephemeral with the diachronic, the classic with the modern,
natural with artificial, large and small scales, conventional and experimental materials.The aspiration of KLAB architecture has always been: to create as artists and to implement as scientists. Freedom of inspiration, originality in design and strict project implementation are the principles that drive the office’s continuous development.

Everyday research is integral to high-quality innovative and functional design. Every client is unique and poses a new and interesting challenge for the office members, who engage in an active dialogue with the client at every stage of the building process. Every project is tailor-made to the requirements and aspirations of the client.

KLAB architecture aims to produce high-quality architecture that broadens the mind and expands the potential of the architectural practice through unique approaches.


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