Zege architects

Tasos Zeppos and Eleni Georgiadi have been closely collaborating since 1981. 20 years after, the two architects create Zege architects, which comprises architects, interior designers, landscape architects, draftsmen and executive employees. Several freelance professionals (civil, mechanical, lighting and acoustical engineers, agriculturalists, etc) often join Zege architects’ team to deal with the specific requirements of a project. Zege architects’ many years experience covers a variety of projects such as hotels, offices, stores, private residences, exhibitions and others. The wide range of Zege architects’ activities includes architectural, interior design and furnishing studies, landscape designs, tender packages-detail drawings and site monitoring. The specific natural, historical and architectural context of a project is always taken into account, resulting in constructions that respect the architectural traditions of a place, the environment and the landscape. In constant dialogue with the client, Zege architects views the design and construction process as a whole and suggests solutions distinguished by high aesthetics, strong identity and functionality. The special needs and requirements of the end-user are in the core of Zege architects’ philosophy and shape the way each project is conceptualised, designed and implemented. New trends and developments in contemporary architecture are creatively incorporated and innovative technologies are used to produce the company’s distinct style and fulfil people’s wishes. Zege architects is an internationally acclaimed company, with strong presence and numerous published projects in Europe and Asia (Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Bulgaria, Rumania, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Korea and China), with high profile awarded projects such as: The Met hotel, Fresh Hotel, Astir Palace and many private residences.


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