Valsamaki Katerina

Architectural studies at the London Architectural Assosiation She has participated  in the B & C Biennale of Young Greek Architects, Athens  (1998&2001), the RIBA exhibition Athens-scape, London (2003), The Architectural Awards, Athens 2004 & 2008, the 10th Biennale, Venice 2006, the exhibition ‘’The House in Greece from 20th to 21th century’’ (Museum Benaki, Hellenic Institute of Architecture,2009).
Her work has been published in the magazines design+art in Greece, Building, Living, Gineka, Tefchos – International Review of Architecture, Ellinikes Kataskeves, Villas, Αppartments, Ktirio, Private Residences 1 και 2 (Ktirio Publications), Vacation Houses (Ktirio Publications),
Inside, Vimagazino, Highlights, modern greek houses (redaction Nikos Kalogirou, MALLIARIS paidia Publications), the Athens – A Guide (Ellipsis Publications).    HELMET removebg preview   HELMET removebg preview

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