Schema 4

Thessaloniki based architects Neli Arvanitopoulou, Dora Daki, Eleni Spartsi and Giorgos Horozoglou have been working together since 1988. They have all been permanent associates of Professor A. M. Kotsiopoulos until 1995. In 2001 they establish schema 4 architects, an Architectural Firm that designss both public and private projects. In 2005 they move their studio from the city centre to the west of the city, near the disused Fix Brewery converting an old industrial space into the firm’s offices. Apart from the four partners schema 4 architects includes today associate architects Christina Zaromytidou, Eleni Laloumi and Elisavet Pefani. Schema 4 Architects have extensive experience in private as well as public use projects, landscape design, building restorations, exhibition design and interior design. In designing projects of different scale, complexity and requirements they are joined by a group of permanent associates and consultants of various specialties. Schema 4 architects is registered with the Greek Register of Architects of Public Works, and holds a Grade E’ (highest rank) Professional Licence in Categories 06 (architectural building design) and 07 (specialiased architectural design).

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