KKMK Architects

KKMK Architects was founded by the architects Kate Karagianni and Marina Karamali in 2019.

micro-macro scale

KKMK Architects engages in projects of various scales, and purposes. Ranging from landscape and building architecture to interior design, set design, ephemeral installations and product design. Our aim is to deliver remarkable architectural solutions, that are designed, questioned and tested as a whole. We bring together every aspect of the building to create unique projects.


As architects we believe that a comprehensive approach should be applied to each project in order to achieve coherence. We envisage each project as a unique ground for developing original and innovative architecture. Close collaboration with our clients is essential to help them build astonishing living experiences. KKMK is a boutique architectural practice that ensures coherent, functional and innovative projects.


Our design and construction procedures are based on the use of cutting edge technology to enhance the traditional means of construction. We have a strong experience in digital technologies such as 3D printing, CNC-milling and laser-cutting. Our designs evolve through computational techniques and our architecture is highlighted by the ability to comprise our research into the realization of our projects. Our aim is to calculate the most efficient way of accomplish each project and delivering high end results.


We specialize in contemporary architectural design. We find inspiration in natural forms, where simplicity and complexity apply where required. Our intention is to adopt nature’s geometries and structural systems and translate them into a distinctive architecture. The context of each project is crucial for us, in order to develop a solid architectural concept. Our vision is to blend each project into its environmental and cultural setting thereby suggesting possibilities for new contemporary life changes.


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