K-STUDIO is a design practice rooted in architecture.
We are a creative studio of 60 architects and interior designers based in central Athens. Our contextual approach produces unique and immersive experiences through architecture, hardscape design and interior design, allowing us to achieve a holistic sense of experience across the range of unique spatial qualities within every project. This approach is applied to any scale of project and allows us to treat larger scale, more complex works as collections of smaller studies, creating expansive systems for design with greater clarity, definition and attention to detail.
Our home is Greece, a country of incredible natural beauty and resources, where the cultural identity is founded upon being outside and making good, economic use of local skills, materials and agriculture to provide nourishing hospitality to visitors from near or far.
We create uniquely crafted architectural experiences that are informed by tradition, enriched by materiality and inspired by contemporary life. We do not like waste. We make minimal interventions that use minimal resources and always prefer to work with the elements to create comfort that is naturally luxurious. Wherever we go our ethos remains the same: to build strong identities and architectural narratives that use the local context in balance with contemporary aspirations to elevate and enrich the user’s enjoyment.


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