A31/ Praxitelis Kondilis

Α31 gets established in 2003, when Praxitelis Kondylis, a young architect with rich academic qualifications and experience in architectural firms abroad, decides to create his own practice back in Athens.

Soon enough, A31 architecture undertakes design and construction projects, industrial design builidings, as well as interior design ventures starting with Athens and expanding its work elsewhere in Greece and Cyprus. In 2007, the organogram of the firm gets enriched with the addition of Panagiotis Karras, Civil Engineer, which leads to the formation of Α31 ARCHITECTURE CONSTRUCTION, which completes the form of the practice and the services it provides.

Quite soon, A31 becomes a creative transdisciplinary group of architects, designers and engineers. Focusing on functionality and soundness of engineering, A31 still creates spaces which are characterised by clean-cut layout and honest construction, tailored to the needs of people as well as the land and the setting concerned.

Its work has received several awards and distinctions in international competitions, while it has also been exhibited in museums and public spaces in Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Bilbao, Nicosia and Piran. Articles and work of A31 has been published both in Greek and international press. HELMET removebg preview


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