A2G Architects

A2G Architects is an innovative architecture and urban design office. Three Architects Engineers lead the office since 2003 :

George Anagnostakis _ Architect Engineer AUTH

George Galetakis _ Architect Engineer AUTH

Evangelos Grigorakis _ Architect Engineer AUTH_Msc in Environmental Planning and Building Design.

The basic philosophy of the office is the implementation of high standard architectural design, as well as construction, in order to achieve the perfect built product.
The successful progress of the office has resulted in the expansion of its innervations sections.
The constructional company A2G Contractors S.A. was established in 2007, in order to implement “turn-key” projects to the client.
With each project, A2G Architects explores new ways to integrate an organizing idea with the programmatic and functional essence of a building. Rather than imposing a style upon different sites and climates, or pursued irrespective of program, the unique character of a program and a site becomes the starting point for an architectural idea. While anchoring each work in its specific site and circumstance, we endeavor to obtain a deeper beginning in the experience of time, space, light and materials. A2G Architects emphasizes sustainable building and site development as fundamental to innovative and imaginative design.
The office is now based in Crete, in Greece. HELMET removebg preview   HELMET removebg preview


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